Add a Start Menu to Windows 8 with ClassicShell

It can be hard for Windows 8 users to manage the new Microsoft UI (User Interface), the developers decided to eliminate the Start button that all other previous Windows versions had and there is no way to reverse those changes from within Windows. To launch an app in Windows 8 you have to type in the name in the search box, it can not be selected with the mouse.

Classic Shell is a free open source project to introduce old Windows applications, you can have a Windows 8 Start button with its full menu, the application is not Windows 8 specific it works in older Windows versions helping users customize the operating system, Classic Shell is very well documented on its website.

ClassicShell Windows8 Start button

ClassicShell Windows8 Start button

This application supports skins to make your Windows OS look unique, ¬†one skin called XP Luna can make any Windows version look like Windows XP, menus and submenus can be modified and Windows boot up time can be speed up with the settings dialogue turning off icon preloading and features that aren’t used.

There are other applications like Start8 from Stardock that can reinstate Windows Start Menu in Windows 8 but they are not free and Classic Shell is, Start8 is more polished, it looks better integrated with the menu but Classic Shell has more options besides adding a Start button, with this alternative you can save a few bucks, it can be uninstalled like any other program if you are not happy with it.

Visit Classic Shell homepage

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