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  1. Hello,
    I just found your site when looking for a sane email provider.
    I like what I see so far. But I have a question. I have a small ministry. Its just me. Nothing big, but I feel that its important, and growing.
    Can you please let me know if you all can help with any kind of discount?
    I think I might still use you, but I am wanting to see of I can save a little money.

    Thank you,
    Rob Koch

    1. Hello Rob,

      I don’t provide email services and I don’t have links with these companies, if you would like to try for a discount send your enquire directly to them, I am guessing that it will depend on the number of accounts you intend to purchase.

      Best Regards,


  2. Hello
    If you need an alternative solution based in Europe you should try servermx.com. They provide custom solutions even for a limited number of email account (I got a good discount for only 10 email account 20 gb). They also respond promptly via email.

  3. I used to know the name of a company that offered paid email services; and in order to send mail to a subscriber, they had to authorize it first (BEST spam protection EVER). I am looking for something like that. I don’t know if that old company even exists anymore. I haven’t heard their name in ages and can’t even remember it. Looking for something like it though; if you have any ideas? Thank you for putting up with my redundancy… thanks

    1. Hello Rick,

      I don’t really think you will find an email provider that is using a single method to protect from spam and that is how I believe is best too, you need multiple layers to stop spam.

      A good advanced antispam email provider should have whitelisting, blacklisting, backscatter protection, DKIM checks, and SpamAssassin or a Bayesian filter.

      Best regards,


  4. I am an older woman losing her eyesight & not real savvy re with some of the language. I have been a paying AOL user for over 15 years. I liked their original basic format for email & I could expand the message/text with my fingers on my iPad. They just changed their format to accommodate smart phones I believe. You can no longer enlarge anything with your touch. I also liked the format of the inbox where you could view the senders email address, subject line, date and time so you could glance at 50 separate email senders at one time. I desperately need to find new provider that is similar to that original format. Please help me, I can no longer read my email as of yesterday.

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