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Firefox addons to bypass the censorship filter in Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others

To bypass ISP censorship filtering in the Middle East and China you can either deploy a VPN service that will route all your connection through a foreign service, including P2P and other traffic, or if you can’t install a Firefox addon that will only route the websites you visit in Firefox and keep your original computer IP in a different browser.

Cocoon: A free USA proxy server that will identify you on the Internet as being located in the US. You will be able to unblock US TV and also get around ISP censorship. It will also protect your information from hackers encryption the communications in between your browser and the website you visit.

AnonymoX: One of top used proxy addons in Firefox, it has dozens of servers worldwide, it will not only help you bypass ISP censorship but also help you watch geoblocked content like or Slacker radio.

Chinese police raids illegal Internet café
Chinese police raids illegal Internet café

FoxyProxy: An advanced proxy management tool with a tabbed interface, it comes preloaded with proxies from all over the world and allows you to choose what country you would like to appear from. You can even specify what country should each website use.

Autoproxy: With Autoproxy you no longer need to switch your proxy status between on & off manually. If you prefer to visit a website via proxy, just add it’s domain to AutoProxy’s preference.

ProxySelector: WIth this addon you will need to enter your own list of proxies, it is not suitable for automatic access because you have to configure it manually but if you have a list of proxy server IPs, this addon will help you manage them.

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