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Free Adsense ready WordPress themes

I have been using Wordpress default themes because they are free, mobile friendly and supported by a big community, but, as pretty as WordPress default themes are, they have not been designed to make money. My Adsense analytics click through rate with these themes displayed less than one per cent of clicks on the adverts, totally unacceptable.

After hours of searching I came across Point, the free Adsense ready theme that I am using here and is one of the top 50 WordPress theme downloads.  This theme comes with empty banner space for standard sizes above the fold and on the sides of the theme. Swapping my old Twenty Fourteen Wordpress theme with the Point theme doubled my click through rate.

You can test this yourself downloading the Point theme from MyThemeShop free section, and if you don’t like the design or colours, in the same site you will find other free Adsense ready themes like Ribbon and Dual Shock.

MyThemeShop WordPress theme panel
MyThemeShop WordPress theme panel

In my experience the average web publisher can do just fine with one of the free themes but if you need more configuration options, MyThemeShop paid for themes, in between other things let you change the site navigation menu, displaying or hiding social buttons, changing the sidebars from right to left,  setting up a parallax site, customizing your site type fonts and headers or inserting a background image (1400px wide x 1000px heigh for best results).

I liked MyThemeShop themes so much that I ended up buying two of their premium themes, they come with free support and being able to use the themes in as many sites as I like. I have contacted MyThemeShop support staff four times and they have always replied in their support forum the same day in a matter of hours.

Other goodies included with MyThemeShop themes are free plugins, one of them has a star rating system for review sites and another plugin called MyThemeShop Connect warns you when the theme has to be upgraded. The best is that you don’t have to create any WordPress child theme to keep your customization, MyThemeShop upgrades keep all the settings you made using their control panel.

I am pretty sure that that the responsive themes I bought paid by themselves in a month or two with the increase of my click through rate.

WordPress plugins for adverts

Another way for webmasters to get a free Adsense theme is by adding advertisement plugins to the theme of your choice, a proper advertisement plugin will allow you to position and manage banner space where you wish, they come in handy to sell adverts in BuySellAds.

You can use WP125 to create small 125×125 squares that let you to have up to six adverts in your site, without looking too cluttered, running campaigns for only a number of days with an automatic take down.

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