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Bypass The Washington Post article limit with a VPN

After reading a few articles on The Washington Post you will be stopped with a paywall asking you to buy a subscription. You can bypass the article limit, and that of other digital newspapers like The New York Times and LA Times using a Virtual Private Network that will change your computer IP.

A VPN is a legal service to encrypt your Internet connection and stop hackers and nasty countries from wiretapping your online activities, in addition, a VPN service will change your home computer IP connecting you to a remote server that can be located anywhere in the world. A VPN can be used to share files P2P, avoiding groundless costly lawsuits. Another added benefit of changing your computer IP is that websites like The Washington Post will believe that you are a different surfer every time you change IP. As long as you do not store cookies and you are not logged into your digital newspaper account, the Washington Post will keep giving you free articles non stop, after reaching the article limit per IP, change it with a mouse click and you will start from zero.

Washington Post article limit
Washington Post article limit

For this to work you will have to set your Internet browser to¬† privacy mode to avoid storing cookies. To start privacy mode in Firefox 22 go to menu and select “New Private Window”. In Chrome, privacy mode is called “Incognito Mode” and in Internet Explorer it is called “InPrivate browsing“, you can quickly access any of them activating the shortcut CTRL+Shift+P

Private Internet Access is not free, but it works much cheaper than a subscription to a digital newspaper and you get the benefits mentioned above. Private Internet Access does not keep user logs or monitor activities, even if they were to be compelled to hand over logs, they can’t give what they haven’t got.

Another VPN benefit, is being able to access restricted content from abroad. With Private Internet Access you can mask your home computer IP as British and access the BBC iWatch, a tax payer funded service only available to UK residents. Other VPN purposes can be posting anonymous comments in controversial forums and sending anonymous email, when you access an email service with Private Internet Access only the untraceable VPN IP will be included in the email headers and not yours.

Private Internet Access has an ample range of servers covering all continents, there are thousands of IPs, too many of them to be blocked. Alternatively, if you don’t want to spend money on a VPN, you can always read the news for free at sites like The Washington Times, USA Today, CNN or Yahoo news.

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