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How to come up with a cool nickname

If you try to use a short an easy to remember nick to register on an online forum it will likely have been registered by someone else before you. To get around this problem you can think of something very personal, extract a word and add a personal number, for example the name of a small town nearby and the first two digits of your date of birth.

Another easy way to find an online nickname that has not been taken yet is by choosing a foreign word different from the forum main communication language, or listen to a song and pick up a funny word from its lyrics, I sometimes use when I am lost for words too.

Websites to create cool nicknames 

Spinxo: It will ask you a series of questions like age, gender and hobbies, the  process takes just a few seconds, after which you are given a random nickname based on the answers. A list of nicknames is already visible on the screen before entering any detail.

Online-Generator: This website will allow you to generate random names that are divided by categories, you can specify you are looking for a name for a businesses, project, product, or yourself, you are then given more options like superhero, pirate or simply nickname.

Check if a nickname is already taken 

If you would like to use the same nickname on multiple websites you can check whether it has been taken or not with a people’s searcher. These websites are also useful to spy on other people’s online profiles.

Spokeo: It can be searched using a full name or nickname, presenting a list of matches at social networks, including video&music sites, dating sites, online shopping, review sites and blogging.

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