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How to create HTML table in WordPress

A WordPress table can be useful for product comparison, you can insert text of photos inside your table as well as text or formulas. If you need to make a table in WordPress you can do it manually using HTML code, only basic knowledge of HTML is needed for this.

To create a simple table in Word press click on the HTML tab next to Visual, the following code creates a 1 row 5 cells table, copy and paste it for as many rows as you need:

<table border=”1″ cellspacing=”1″ cellpadding=”1″ width=”175″>

Row1 Cell1</td>
Row1 Cell 2</td>
Row 1 Cell 3</td>
Row 1 Cell 4</td>
Row 1 Cell 5</td>



Creates this WordPress table:

Cell 2
Row 1
Cell 3
Row 1
Cell 4
Row 1
Cell 5

You can learn more about creating HTML tables manually at the W3 Schools.

WordPress plugins to create a table

TablePress: Create and manage tables from within your WordPress admin without any knowledge of HTML, tables can contain any kind of data.

TinyMCE Advanced: A full multilingual WYSIWYG editor that extends your WordPress blog HTML editor and allows you to create tables with rows and cells.

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