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How to read the New York Times for free

The New York Times and its international version called the International Herald Tribune, is one of the most visited news sites in the World, but visitors can only read 10 articles per month, when the limit is reached people is asked to pay for a subscription.

Ways to bypass paywall 

  • Remove gwh=***: The quickest way around, is to remove the last stream of the letters from the blocked NYT URL address, for example:New York Times blocked page:

    Remove gwh=FF5A25C718CB9A878E573BCBED3E60C4 click enter, and the article will become fully readable.The NYT might be working on a fix, but right now it still works.
  • Use social media: Readers who access a New York Times article through a social media link, ie. Facebook and Twitter, get unlimited access without any article limit, all you have to do is to tweet yourself an article you would like to read and click on the link.
  • Use a search engine: Visitors referred by a search engine like Bing, Google or Yahoo are able to read the whole article, with a limit of 5 referrals per day. Copy the title of the article you would like to read, paste it into Google and add when you click on the article you will now be able to read it, this trick can also be used with the Wall Street Journal.
New York Times paywall bypass
New York Times paywall bypass
  • Use a VPN: The New York Times will detect someone has reached the article limit through cookies and the computer IP, if you erase your cookies and get a new IP as far as the NYT is concerned that is a new clean user.Use your browser privacy mode that does not store cookies in combination with a VPN provider to change your computer IP and you will get around the paywall. A VPN provider is not free but it works out cheaper than paying for a New York Times subscription.

About bypassing New York Times paywall 

I do not condone stealing of digital content, the methods exposed here are all legal, the New York Times is well aware that there are loopholes into their paywall, in textual words of Eileen Murphy, a spokesman for the NYT, “We have designed our digital subscription policy with the idea that we want it to have a porous wall“.

The newspaper appears to believe that people will be too lazy to use the works around described here and loyal readers will pay for it, in addition, when you view the New York Times for free you are shown advertisements, they are getting some income out of it.

Tip: Never login into your NYT account when you read the newspaper, log out and erase all NYT cookies (cookie name, if you are logged in, the NYT will block any work around you use.

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