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List of free cloud data backup services

If you are trying to get around the attachment size limits in email or simply want store your files off your computer to make sure that if disaster struck there is a backup copy stored somewhere else, there are a handful of free and paid services that make it easy to host your private files.

These online space can typically be accessed via web browser or a dedicated program. Besides your backup copy, if you move between computers or travel, you will also be able to get access to your precious files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Dropbox: Dropbox will give a limited free online storage space to store your files with premium accounts increasing space.

Adrive: Adrive offers a huge 1 Terabyte of data storage to paying customers. Free accounts get a generous 50GB of storage space online.

Wuala: With Wuala you need to offer part of your hard disk to store other people’s files and in exchange you can store your files on their computer. Everything is then encrypted and the files distributed across multiple computers.

Online data backup cloud storage
Online data backup cloud storage

MediaMax iDrive: Free 6GB online storage space, encryption is used for data transfers between your computer and MediaMax servers.

SpiderOak: This free online backup gives you 2GB of space, and it works with Windows Mac OS X and Linux.

Mozy: At Mozy you get 2GB of free online backup space. Like all the other services paid for larger storage space is available.

MyOherDrive: Receive 2GB of free online backup storage. It also allows file sharing of your files through links.

SugarSync: The free 2GB of data storage online has some limitations but still good value for money 🙂

All  of these services encrypt the data transfer from your computer to their servers, but some of them will not use encryption for storage, if you need a really secure encrypted storage data backup, to which not even the company can have access, then consider SpiderOak.

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