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List of the best secure email services for children

Anyone with an email has received spam at some point, these emails sent in mass are not only annoying, many times they contain adult material that you do not want your children to see, there is also the danger of strangers attempting to contact your kids and your kids doing something silly with their email messages, like contacting people they don’t know.

A good child friendly email service will allow parents to customize it with whitelist addresses, only those who are in the child’s address book will be able to email her/him, anyone else sending a message will be automatically filtered out, this is the safest method to protect your kids email usage, it is as secure as the trust you have on the people in their email address book.

There are less restrictive methods to control your kids email access, the email services below offer all kind of  child friendly email customization, ranging from parents having to approve all of the emails in and out of the kid’s Inbox before they are read, up to automatic email profanity words scanning and flagging.

List of child friendly email services

KidSafeMail: Email service uses 128 bit encryption digital certificate to communicate, nobody can intercept and read your kid’s email. Spam, virus and profanity email filtering, outgoing and incoming emails can be copied and sent to parent’s email inbox. It works with smartphones, like iPhone and Android, there is a free help phone line if needed.

KidMail: Protecting children from spam and porn, a cool, safe and easy to use email service for kids, parents get a copy of all the email sent to their kids. KidMail provides with a downloadable email software based on Incredimail, a fun to use email program that allows for smilies, background colouring, sounds and other email composing features that is sure to like most young kids.

KidsEmail: Remove images and links from all emails directed to your children, stop kids from emailing and receiving messages from people who are not on their address book, parental approval of emails before they are sent, filtering out of offensive words found in emails, time usage restrictions and many other parental features to control children email usage.

ZooBuh: Mail monitoring and activity logs to see all incoming and outgoing mail, you can restrict at what times your child uses email, locking the account at night and when you know the child is using the computer unsupervised, there is a mail queue so that parents can approve the incoming email before it reaches the child’s inbox.

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