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List of online payment companies alternative to Paypal

Paypal, owned by eBay, remains one of the most used payment processing companies, they are particularly appropriate for small transactions due to their low commission in comparison to credit card merchant charges. Unfortunately Paypal terms and conditions can be restrictive or they might terminate your account unjustly, you might want to look at these other alternative payment processors:

Payza: With headquarters in Canada, the buyer can pay using a credit card or their own Payza account, after taking a commission the company will send the money to your online account, it can be withdrawn by international wiring, cheque or credit card.

WireCard: It can be used for accepting credit cards online, it supports all major currencies, pay outs can be made using a prepaid reloadable Visa card that can be used anywhere in the world or to your bank account.

2CheckOut: Worldwide payment processing company that bundles a merchant account with a payment gateway accepting credit cards, it can be used for single transactions or subscriptions. Easy integration with online shopping carts.

2CheckOut online payment
2CheckOut online payment

Stripe: Let’s you build a payment processing without needing a merchant account, Stripe handles subscriptions, bank account payments, credit card storage and security. You will need some coding skills to embed it on your website.

E-Junkie: It can be used to sell digital goods, from software to e-books and physical items on eBay or Craiglist. You are provided with a “Buy now” button, E-junkie handles all payments including adding the necessary taxes.

Mobile phone payments

ZayPay: Mobile payment processor, ideal for micropayments buying virtual goods in games. ZayPay can be used to make small international payments through SMS or a phone call, the buyer gets charged on his phone bill and the seller gets paid in his bank account.

Payments for free lancers 

PayoNeer: Payments solutions for affiliate networks and free lance payments. Affiliates are sent funds to their prepaid credit card, it can be used anywhere in the world and it is reloadable.

Paxum: Account can be used for adult entertainment affiliate payments, after account verification you can top it up using your bank account or a credit card and make payments to other Paxum users.

Paxum affiliate payments
Paxum affiliate payments

US only payment processors 

WePay: Payment processor to sell all kind of items (no pornography), accept donations and request payments from people that own you money. Accounts are funded using a credit card or your bank account.

Noca: Payment solution for online merchants with easy shopping cart integration, payment requests are re-routed through them without the customer even realising. There is no need to hold a merchant account.

Dwolla: It can be used to buy stuff online, sending money to friends and payments using a smartphone in participating retailers. It eliminates credit card fraud by not using it, the account is funded setting up a direct debit in your bank account.

Digital currencies 

PerfectMoney: This online currency can be funded using a bank wire, sending SMS messages charged to your phone bill or through other e-currencies. Withdraws are made using a prepaid credit card or bank wire.

BitCoin: Peer-to-peer digital currency with no central authority to regulate it, often used for private payments. You can buy BitCoins from an exchange or produce them yourself using the provided software, due to the time needed to produce BitCoins it isn’t feasible to make a huge amount, you are likely to have to buy them.

P2P electronic currency Bitcoin
P2P electronic currency Bitcoin

WebMoney: Based in Russia, this payment processing company  does not have to follow US laws on gambling, it can be used at Poker sites. They accept all major currencies, WM accounts can be funded through a bank transfer or prepaid credit card and money can be withdraw by wiring.

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Thanks for this post.
There of course are numerous alternatives in the market these days and they all cannot be named in one article, but I think there are few more worth mentioning in this context: Skrill, Paysera and ProPay – under the section of payment processors. They are often a good choice for those, who live in countries restricted by Payal as they are available globally (sometimes with few exceptions).

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