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List of VPN affiliate programs you should avoid

I have been promoting various VPN companies as an affiliate for four years, these are the ones I recommend you to avoid, I wish I had known about them before myself.

IPVanish: High on the list, ironically, what puts me off this VPN affiliate program is the incompetence of their affiliate manager. He would keep emailing me asking that I put up banners for their company, this is perfectly fine, what it is not fine is that after informing him that I was a hobby blogger and I hardly had any traffic, he would still email me every three months asking again, to which I would reply the same, and he then would contact me once again. The impression I got is that he doesn’t keep track of email communications.

I tried IPVanish for a month for free and I wrote a blog post with a review of their services, because I don’t earn a living with my blogging, I can afford to be honest, the review advised people not to buy IPVanish. After posting it, Dave, my IPVanish affiliate manager, contacts me once again and asks me to write a review of their services, I let him know that I already did and give him the link, inviting him to reply to the post if he feels like it, he kind of says that the review is awful but never bothers to counter argument my points in the post. Really? He can’t be bothered to defend his own company? Fine by me no problem.

Three years down the road as an affiliate with IPVanish, Dave sends me one of his bi-monthly emails, he has forgotten all about me as usual, he only wants me to put up banners in my blog. I let him know that after reading IPVanish terms, I don’t like the 15 day cookie tracking and the $100 minimum pay out is too high. He offers me a 30 day cookie tracking and $50 pay out if I place an IPVanish banner in my blog, I tell him that I have $57 in my affiliate account (earned in 2 years) approved for payment, he agrees to pay me next month if I place an IPVanish banner in my blog which I do.

Two weeks later we get to payment day and no money comes in, I email Dave about the problem and he tells me that one of my already approved sales, has been “marked as fraud“, it turns out that customers only have a 7 days money back guarantee and this sale/commission had been approved for more than a month, according to his email “there are instances where our support team goes in and audits subscriber accounts” and “Unfortunately, the fraudulent account brought your commission total back down to $30. So that is the reason you were not paid out this cycle.

VPN affiliate program customer service
VPN affiliate program customer service

I am not going to work anymore with IPVanish for the following reasons: affiliate panel sucks (confusing lay out), affiliate manager sucks (he does not keep track of previous conversations), cookies suck (15 day tracking), pay out conditions suck ($100 minimum and they cancel commissions that have already been approved).

EarthVPN: I have been with them for two years, the first three months I made a few sales and I was quickly paid with Paypal after reaching  the minimum $50 pay out. However, for the last year I have had trouble getting paid in a few occasions.

Update EathVPN 2015: This company has stolen $90 from me, they don’t reply to tickets, I have also contacted them in Twitter and they did not reply, I have had a ticket opened for 3 months waiting for payment, every time they close it without any reply. I will say it clear:


Don’t take my word for it, I attach screenshots with evidence.

1- EarthVPN owns money

2-EarthVPN not replying to tickets

3- EarthVPN not replying to tickets again

4- EarthVPN ticket account

5- EarthVPN not replying to Twitter

NordVPN: Great promotion materials and high commissions, this made me read their terms and conditions with attention, I am always suspicious of high pay outs and I look for a catch. Sure enough there was one, I read that tracking cookies in NordVPN only last 7 days. I believe this is well below industry standards and it doesn’t seem right to me, many people don’t buy straight away, they wait more than a week. I would have never signed up with NordVPN affiliate program if the 7 day cookie had been prominently displayed, now that I know this I won’t even start their promotion.

VPNTunnel: I used to have an affiliate account with this small Swedish company, I made two sales, around $35 commission, then one day I noticed that they had removed their affiliate program, but affialite links where still working directing traffic to their site. VPNTunnel never contacted me to let me know that their affiliate program was to be ended and they never paid anything out. If they open again their affiliate program there is no way I will sign up again with a company that has such low business standards.

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I too support my websites through affiliate marketing and had my fair share of issues getting paid, interestingly I never had any issues with IPVanish. They have always been very courteous, correct and fast with their payments…

Without mentioning the specific providers, to protect the guilty LOL, there have been numerous occasions where I got review request from providers I already reviewed, request to put banners up on sites that don’t have banners etc… It would be nice if affiliate managers would actually look at the sites they are targeting before making contact. Nothing is more embarrassing than not knowing what you are talking about …

Wow! This is so true. I have had somewhat very similar experience with the mentioned provider. And you’re absolutely right that Affiliate Manager has A LOT to do on how you ‘as an Affiliate’ perform for the company. I wish I had read this post before going for some VPN Affiliate programs.

The best and most profitable experience I have had is with purevpn. They have been extremely supportive and sincere with their service and deals for years.

And Honestly I haven’t tried smaller companies that you have mentioned at the end, but I am going to see now since your recommendation looks really good.

Thanks for this nice blog.

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