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My Google Adwords experience

Google Adwords occasionally runs a promotional campaign, they give you €75 worth of advertising to be spent on their Adwords service. I decided to take up the offer and advertise my Study Solar Energy website with them. They made me pay  a small amount to activate my account, €10, their promotion is misleading since it is not a completely free offer.

After spending a couple of hours setting up my Adwords campaign, the first thing I noticed is that it did not work and my Adwords account was saying “Account suspended“, Google Adwords help had not information about the scary warning, a fellow blogger told me that I had to wait 24 hours for the account to be approved and sure enough, after 24 hours later everything worked fine.

How to save money with Adwords

I soon learned that to save money with Google Adwords you should not allow Google to automatically manage the minimum amount you pay per click, this worked remarkably more expensive for me than fixing the minimum amount manually, you will get less clicks but the amount you will spend will be considerably lower.

Google Adwords account suspended

My third day into the Google Adwords campaign and I notice a message in my account saying that it had been indefinitely suspended because they could not verify my billing account, I found this very odd since I had already been charged €10.

Google Adwords support team

Google Adwords makes it very difficult for you to message a real person, as far as they are concerned you must go through a ton of text and spent hours of your time trying to find a solution first, I finally managed to find a contact form and asked them why they claimed that my billing account was incorrect when I had already been charged.

Google Adwords first step was to send me an pasted reply saying that they were looking into it, 24 hours later Google Adwords sent me another impersonal copied and pasted reply, now they claimed that my website does not comply with their terms and conditions and my account had been suspended for good, the pasted text also warned me against opening a new account as it will be suspended again.

Poor customer service experience
Poor customer service experience

Website violating Google Adwords terms and conditions

According to the pasted text they sent me, Google Adwords email textually said: “For privacy reasons, AdWords Support is unable to provide any additional information regarding this account.

Not sure who’s privacy Google Adwords is protecting since the account is mine, it must be their own privacy. They also provided me with no means to challenge Google’s decision, I will assume here that they believe themselves perfect and never make mistakes which explains why no appeal process is in place.

I am now €10 out of pocket, they claimed they would refund me the amount but the process to do this is again very confusing, you need to spend some hours reading their help pages which are inaccurate and incomplete when it comes to refunds.

Google Awords & Google Adsense alternative

If you have been blacklisted by Google Adwords/Adsense and want an alternative with a more reasonable terms and conditions, try Bidvertiser, Bidvertiser support team, in my own experience has the decency of sending personalized replies and if there is a problem they will point out where it is.

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Conclusion on Google Adwords experience

The free Adwords voucher to redeem has a hidden activation fee (Google is dishonest), Google Adwords expects advertisers to spend hours reading help pages before you can contact them (Google couldn’t care any less about customers), when they get back to you they will copy and paste a premade answer and they will claim “privacy reasons” to avoid giving you a direct answer (Google are hypocrites).

Google Adsense/Adwords is great while it works but when a problem occurs, their support system seems designed to avoid personal replies (Google is evil).

Before anyone says that I am using Google Advertisements on this blog, let me explain that I have found no other advertising company that pays as much as Google Adsense does, if I can’t make enough income to pay for my hosting fees and time then I stop blogging, as simple as that.

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