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NewspaperMap finds any online newspaper in the World

NewspaperMap is an easy to use interactive site with a map containing all the digital newspapers from around the world, they are classified by countries and languages and it is comprised of online news from Sudan, Germany, the US and virtually any other country in the world, the list contains over 10.000 online newspapers and growing, users can help to modify, add and delete sources by sending feedback.

NewspaperMap Worldwide online newspapers
NewspaperMap Worldwide online newspapers

Every country has a series of coloured dots on it representing an online newspaper, when you place your mouse over the dot the newspaper name will appear together with a small thumbnail and a link to translate its contents by clicking on it, you can use the search function to find any newspaper in the world or filter them by language, another button called “Historical” gives access to an old newspapers online map making it easy to find and read old articles online for free.

Newspapermap can be accessed with a mobile device as well as desktop computer, the website is an excellent source of news to bring about school assignments, journalist’s research or just to know more about local news from local sources.

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