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Organise, save and share digital notes with Springpad

Springpad is a web based digital organiser that works from within your browser, you can save notes, images, videos and websites to view later on, the information you save is automatically categorised and analysed by Springpad, you will then be shown suggested content based on what you have stored delivering you news, deals and discounts. Everything is saved on the cloud but you can access your saved notes offline too using a Chrome browser web applet, and you can download a back up of your data to your hard disk.

Springpad comes with different templates that look like digital notebooks, the saved data can be easily shared with friends and made public in your profile, this free note organiser service comes with pre-made templates for saving recipes, organising holidays, shopping lists, multimedia notes, etc.

Springpad web based digital organiser
Springpad web based digital organiser

Well integrated with Facebook and Twitter making it easy to post your saved notes in social media, you can set up alerts to get email remainders of your notes, using a mobile device you can scan a product barcode and it will fetch information about it on the Internet, it works with Android and the iPhone and even Barnes & Noble Nook Color e-reader device, Springpad syncs across devices, always updated wherever you access your notes.

Springpad main features

  • Accessible and synced across multiple devices, it works across platforms, you only need a web browser
  • It monitors your saved shopping notes and send email alerts for price drops and deals, it can be set up to send remainder alerts too.
  • It integrates with RSS readers making it easy to follow your digital notes getting relevant updates that Springpad finds for you
  • You add and format text, images and videos on your notes, easily sharing them with friends

Visit Springpad homepage

Update June 2004: Service has closed down, link removed.

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