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Review CyberGhost VPN paid service

CyberGhost VPN is a free and paid VPN provider to hide your computer IP, get around Internet censorship in countries where they block websites and secure your data in Wifi Hotspots, this review is based on the paid Premium plan that I have been using for two months.

CyberGhost Premium has dozens of servers in Europe and the US, however the cheaper Premium plan will only give you three or four US servers and a couple of dozen German and Dutch servers, if you upgrade to a more expensive “Premium Plus” plan you get a staggering number of US servers and further VPNs in the same European countries as before but with less users on each server resulting in higher speed. You can check how many people are using a server using the “Service Status” link, I would normally see around ten users on each Premium Plus server, around twenty users on the Premium plan servers and up to a hundred users on the free servers.

CyberGhost VPN Software
CyberGhost VPN Software

The VPN software is easy to use with an “AntiSpy” tab where to configure basic computer privacy settings like stopping Windows Media Player identification or deactivating Windows automatic error reports, nothing too advanced, I would not bother with it, another tab named “Video portal” has links to online US TV series taking you to Hulu and CBS websites, not very useful, a “Server Map” tab that I have only used once shows you a graphical map of where in the world the servers are located, so if you don’t know where Finland is, you can see it there or use Wikipedia, the only tab that is of real use is “Connect” where you choose your favourite server and it comes with a filter where you can remove from view the countries you don’t want to be associated with.

CyberGhost disadvantages

CyberGhost VPN has no servers at all in Asia, only in Europe and the US, if you want an IP from an Asian country, but be warned that the ping rate from a server located far away from your home will slow down Internet browsing, unless you live in Asia there isn’t much point in getting an IP from there.

Another CyberGhost VPN disadvantage is that the Premium plan only has three or four US servers, I did not find any of them blocked by Hulu or Pandora, but less well known services like Slacker Radio blocked all three New York servers and I was unable to access it, the only way to stop this from happening is upgrading to the more expensive CyberGhost “Premium Plus” VPN plan with assorted US West coast servers.

CyberGhost advantages

The speed was always enough to stream online video, there are no bandwidth caps and multiple IPs are available, specially in European servers. Support is quick to reply via email or using their open online board, prices are reasonable and the VPN software will stop your browser from connecting to the Internet when the connection goes down. A few times the server I was using was taken down for maintenance without warning but not once it revealed my computer IP, a pop up disconnection warning was shown asking me to choose a different server. CyberGhost VPN does not keep logs that can identify an user, this should block unfounded lawsuits.

Conclusion CyberGhost VPN review

This is a good VPN service for those concerned about privacy and with good speed, their main selling point is that CyberGhost VPN takes privacy seriously and keeps no logs, the VPN software has protection against disconnects and pricing is cheap, but if you want to watch US online TV you will have to go for the more expensive package because the cheap option has too few US servers.

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