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Review first person shooter game America’s Army

America’s Army is a US Army sponsored game that has cost million of dollars to produce, you can download it for free from the Internet or get it on a CD at a US Army recruitment centre.

America’s Army has detailed graphics, good accompanying soundtrack including impressive weapon reloading and shooting sounds with fast paced action that will keep you entertained non stop, a team based tactical first person shooter game where infantry fights take part in between two teams of players, you can play as a US Army soldier or the OpFor, they both dress a US army uniform with the enemies wearing ski masks marking them as terrorists.

The game includes training for your marksmanship, obstacle course, and others. Once you complete the necessary training the game allows you to shoot Mk 19 grenade launchers, Browning M2 and Javelin missiles, after the parachute training you get access to Airborne missions and Special Forces training gives you access to the most delicate and dangerous missions.

America's Army shooter game
America’s Army shooter game

Whoever accomplishes the game objectives or kills everyone in the opposing team wins the game, if time runs out before that happens there will be a tie. There are custom maps and loads of servers where to play online, it is highly unlikely the US Army will cease support for their recruiting tool, government training and simulation applications use America’s Army platform to train soldiers, new training modules and maps will keep this game growing, getting bigger and more interesting with fresh content.

The game has paid attention to detail to make it look realistic, weapon jamming is possible in the middle of a fire-fight and vehicle driving too, if you like shooting games you shouldn’t miss this one. America’s Army website includes some very cool action webcomics with updates,the site is  worth a visit just to read the comics.

America’s Army website

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