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Review OpenVPN provider Acevpn

I have been using Acevpn Premium VPN package for three months, I was given the account in an online give away and I have been using it to get around georestricted online TV services like CWTV and Pandora Radio. I liked that Unblock TV comes bundled with the VPN, I had never used DNS unblocking services before. After changing the name servers in my router with the ones AceVPN gave me Unblock TV behaved flawless as advertised, no video buffering and it detected when my browser visited Hulu, activating the USA proxy in the background.

I soon learned that DNS proxy services are not a good idea if your ISP changes your computer IP every time you reboot. For the DNS proxy to work you have to link your computer IP to the proxy DNS first, when your computer IP changes you have to log into your Acevpn account, erase the old IP and add the new one. It is not hard to do, but if you get a different IP every few days it is annoying and I just preferred to watch TV with the VPN switched on instead of the DNS proxy, it saved me time.

If you have an IP that remains the same (static), Unblock TV will work just fine for you, the only caveat is that not all  TV websites are supported, iHeart radio for example, does not work with AceVPN Unblock TV, you can suggest Acevpn staff to add it, they add new sites when there is enough demand.

Windows OpenVPN provider Acevpn
Windows OpenVPN provider Acevpn

As for the VPN, you should know that AceVPN does not have a proprietary VPN client, you have to download the original OpenVPN client with no interface, servers can only be accessed right clicking on the VPN taskbar logo and configuration files have to be manually edited. The good news are that you only have to do this once and Acevpn has easy to follow instructions with screenshots about how to configure the software, however, it will take 30 minutes of your time to read those instructions.

I regard the OpenVPN right clicking system confusing, the more expensive Ultimate VPN package shows up in the list. The cheap VPN package I was using only allowed me to connect to the USA, UK and France servers, the other dozen locations were taking screen space and I could not access them.

The main points you should know about Acevpn is that their website is disorienting, they have two different VPN packages but you aren’t clearly told what the differences are in between them, Acevpn has lots of internal links that keep you going around in circles. Support was quick to reply the one time I contacted them in the forum, VPN set up instructions are neat, although, if they had a proper VPN client, the customer would not have to set up anything.

The Premium cheap VPN package is good value for money if you are happy with just three VPN servers, the Premium package that allows P2P traffic is overpriced in comparison with the competition. Acevpn privacy policy isn’t great either, all they say is that they don’t keep logs but they don’t tell you what kind of logs they are talking about, if connection or website logs and they don’t mention where their company is based.

The only reasons why you might want to sign up with Acevpn and not somebody else, is that DNS unblocking TV services are included for no extra charge. That is all I liked from them, I think that to start competing with other VPN companies they should organise their website so that basic information, like VPN package differences, can be found in less than an hour, and if they can’t afford paying a developer to build their own VPN client, at the very least don’t make customers download twenty configuration VPN files when they can only access three of them.

If you want an alternative to Acevpn I suggest PIA VPN they fix all of the shortcomings that AceVPN has and prices are equally cheap.

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