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Review Private Tunnel OpenVPN provider

Private Tunnel is a US based VPN company from OpenVPN Technologies, the developers of OpenVPN software, their services are available for Windows, Mac and Linux with support for mobile devices, there are instructions on how to install it on a  DD-WRT router if you want to, Google public DNS is integrated in the software.

The VPN client is simple and dead easy to use, a novelty not found in other clients is that you can quickly access your favourite sites bookmarking them inside the software, changing server can be done with a single click using the drop down menu, you can choose from USA, UK, Switzerland or Canada. I checked server speeds from Europe and it measured an honourable 5/6Mbps average. Inside your user account on the web you can see your VPN activity logs, like how much bandwidth has been consumed, connection date stamps and session duration, this will help you detect anomalies and give you billing transparency since the VPN is bandwidth metered.

PrivateTunnel OpenVPN software
Private Tunnel OpenVPN software

The main difference in between Private Tunnel and other regular VPN providers is that instead of being charged a monthly fee your are charged per consumed gigabyte, people who only use a VPN once in a while for specific sites, like banking, or when travelling abroad could be better off with this service than traditional monthly VPN. There are no rules against file sharing but it probably work out too expensive as it consumes lots of bandwidth.

Private Tunnel will encrypt your connection on public Wifi access points, allow you to bypass georestricted online TV services, I used this VPN to watch Hulu and the BBC iPlayer from abroad without problems, it will also get around censorship filters like the Chinese firewall and mask your IP from the websites you visit to keep your online privacy, but their terms and conditions state that Private Tunnel keeps logs for troubleshooting and identify abusive users, if you use their VPN for criminal purposes your right to privacy will be forfeited.

This is an ideal uncomplicated VPN for those afraid of monthly charges and only using the Internet for browsing, with no video streaming (Youtube,DailyMotion,etc), if you carry out heavy bandwidth activities you will be better off with a different provider like PIA VPN, otherwise I was happy with Private Tunnel VPN performance.

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