JustPaste.it Share photos&text online

Share text and pictures easily with JustPaste.it

This online text editor works just like Microsoft Wordpad, you can write text and format it, then embed images and even videos. With JustPaste.it you can choose to write HTML code and change views in between a word editor and HTML editor by switching tabs with the click of a mouse.

After you have written your document or imported it, click on publish and JustPaste.it will facilitate you a link, or you can create a custom one and everything will be posted on the net, this is a quick publishing solution that requires no registration, send the link to your friends.

At the bottom of the page you are sharing you can find how many people have viewed the page and the possibility to download it to your computer saved as a PDF document.

JustPaste.it Share photos&text online
JustPaste.it Share photos&text online

A banner advertisement is included on each shared JustPaste.it page, they need to pay their bills too, hard to blame them for that.

If you need to quickly share non private notes with someone this seems like an excellent website to do that, unlike other sites that allow you to upload a single picture to host it, with JustPaste.it you can embed ten photos inside a single document using just one link to share all of them and add text, it has its uses.

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