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Test your ping time with Pingtest

You could use the command “ping” to ping a server and test your packet loss and latency, but it is much easier to use your Internet browser and visit PingTest, a broadband quality test that will tell you your packet loss, ping time and jitter, and then assign a grade to your broadband quality.

Ping time tells you how long it takes for a data packet to travel from your computer (ISP) to a server on the Internet and back home, packet loss is the percentage of data packets sent to a server that never arrive, jitter is the variance in measuring successive different ping tests, a stable connection should not have any jitter but a small delay is always expected over the Internet.

Test ping packet loss with PingTest
Test ping packet loss with PingTest

This ping troubleshooting tool will allow you to check for problems in your VoIP calls, gaming latency and video streaming, activities for which you need good ping performance, used in conjunction with a bandwidth speed test you can work out if the problem resides in your Internet connection or something else like the software you are using or the remote server you are connecting to, Pingtest uses Java, you will be prompted to approve the applet before you can run the test.

Pingtest is also useful if you are using a VPN to connect to the Internet and want to know how reliable the VPN server is.

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