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Private internet browsing mode vulnerabilities

Internet Explorer 8, Firefox +3.5 and Safari have an internet browsing “privacy mode”, using it to surf the Internet it is meant not to leave an internet cache, history cookies or anything else behind that could jeopardise your internet surfing privacy, but there are two things that still give away what sites you have visited.

  • Cached DNS Entries: In order to be able to surf the internet you will need use a DNS server to resolve the URLs and this will be cached locally into your machine for a while to speed up your internet surfing, this entries also get cached in private mode browsing.

You can see this yourself opening up the command prompt inWindows, type or cmd.exe at the search box to get to the Windows command prompt box.

Now type:
ipconfig /displaydns

Windows cmd.exe command line prompt
Windows cmd.exe command line prompt

You will see the full list of cached DNS entries, open up a new private browsing session, re-run the command again and see how the sites you just visited got added. Anyone with access to your computer, such as a noisy College systems administrator or your boss at work can see this too.

To clean up the cache just type in:
ipconfig /flushdns

  • Flash Cookies: Even in privacy mode evil flash cookies will get stored into the %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjectsdirectory, and they can reveal what sites gave them to you, and what day and at what time you visited them, you can delete these flash cookies manually.
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Review: Hide My Ass VPN provider for anonymous internet surfing

Some of you may know Hide My Ass for their free cgi proxy but they also run a premium VPN for anonymous surfing, their VPN is much better than a cgi proxy because it protects every single application and connection going in and out from your computer to the wild wild web.

Hide My Ass VPN encrypts your internet traffic and hides your real computer IP from hackers and stalkers as well as repressive regimes. They have SMTP on port 25 blocked because of abuse by spammers but you can still use webmail and the sender IP will be replaced by one of Hide My Ass VPN servers, you can also request to whitelist your SMTP emailing support.

A VPN for anonymous internet surfing will also get around internet censorship filters implemented by some countries ISPs, like the one they have in China and Australia. Hide My Ass provides PPTP as well as OpenVPN for the same price, I have only used the more secure OpenVPN and this review is based on that.

Hide My Ass VPN Advantages

There is a wide range of servers all over the World, at the time of writing you have a dozen servers in the US, four servers in the UK, three servers in Canada, and single servers in Sweden, Holland, Germany(x2), Estonia and Russia. Hide My Ass VPN service has been adding new servers all the time since I signed up with them 6 months ago.

I have found some Hide My Ass US VPNs IP has been blocked by Hulu and I easily got around this by simply choosing a different US VPN location, I never found myself in a situation where every single US server was blocked. I have also used the Canadian servers to watch online TV at and (only for Canadian residents), as well as listening to radio online, also limited to US and Canada residents only, I never experienced any problem watching US&Canadian TV from abroad using a Hide My Ass VPN located in North America.

The speed I usually get on Hide My Ass VPN servers is around 4MB download and my ISP provides me with 6MB ADSL downloads, occasionally you will find HMA VPN servers with 1MB speeds changing location will solve this.

I am normally able to watch free movies online at , and with just 1MB of bandwidth. I find Hide My Ass speed download speeds more than acceptable for my requirements.

Assuming Hide My Ass VPN FAQ is honest, they say that their VPN logs are kept for one week, this is a sensible length of time, enough to catch abusers and not extremely privacy invasive. Those logs, according to them, do not contain what sites you visit, they only contain what user had certain IP on what date from what time to what time.

Hide My Ass VPN client
Hide My Ass VPN client

Hide My Ass VPN Disadvantages

The worst part of Hide My Ass VPN client is that when you get disconnected from the network for whatever reason you will be surfing with your real IP and the VPN client makes no attempt whatsoever to warn you, instead it tries to reconnect, there is a good chance your real IP will be exposed during that time.

If you want to use Hide My Ass VPN on a BSD or Solaris system you are out of luck because it only works on Windows, MAC and Linux and the client needs to be installed.

Hide My Ass VPN Review conclusion

Hide my Ass is great to watch US and Canadian TV online, the reliability and server speed is more than acceptable to do this, as well as the wide range of locations they offer. Support always replies to email and they are quick and helpful, forget about their forum and IRC channel, if you have a problem email Hide My Ass instead! Their forum is not to be used for support.

Hide My Ass only needs to polish their VPN client about not warning you when the VPN is disconnected, and I will then increase my satisfaction rating at %99, there is something more important than speed in a VPN, their capability of being able to cover your real IP (or your ass) and if they can’t do that, then they can’t do the basics.

Visit Hide My Ass VPN homepage


List of free online photo editors

If you want to edit just a few images and do not want to install a photo editor there are some great alternatives online to edit your family, friends, holidays pictures for free.

Even if you have a photo editor installed, some of these free online image editor provide you with filters and features that your basic image editor may not have. You will also be able to change your picture format from .gif to .jpeg, .png to .jpg or anything else that suits you.

This list of free online image editors all have resizing, photo effects, brushes, layer support and much more. In only a few minutes you can create amazing looking pictures.

Sumo free online photo editor
Sumo free online photo editor
  1. BeFunky: With mobile phone apps in addition to online desktop application from where you can import pictures from social media accounts or upload from your hard drive for quick editing.
  2. Sumo Paint: Basic online tools to edit graphics in your browser, a paid upgrade gives extra filters but for basic editing this is not needed.
  3. Pixlr: With services built for both, novices and professionals, users have basic editing needs like editing web images to be posted on social networks.
  4. PicMonkey: Online photo editing with lots of free overlay effects and impressive fonts. It shows banner advertisements that can be eliminated with an upgrade.
  5. Fotoflexer: Advanced photo editing software online. use fonts, shapes, doodling, layers, distortion, and much more.

Erase Microsoft Word documents metadata with DocScrubber

Word documents hold hidden information that includes revision logs, author name, comments, saved dates, keywords and much more, all this is called metadata and you may want to erase it for good if you are posting it to the internet or sending it to someone else as it may contain private information that was not meant to be released in public.

There is a free program called Doc Scrubber that will easily delete all of your Word document,(it does not work with .docx).

OpenOffice document metadata scrubbing
OpenOffice document metadata scrubbing

Doc Scrubber can also produce an analysis of any Word document to show what metadata it contains.

Visit Doc Scrubber to download

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5 free VPN providers for anonymous internet browsing

There may be many reasons why you want to use a VPN, just bypass your local school internet filtering, the Great firewall of China of the blocking of Hulu and other online TV websites to non US IPs, whatever your choice, you have now available some free VPN to do that.

Some of the free VPNs, like Anchorfree, are financed through advertisement, this means you will have to view a small banner while surfing the internet, but other than this it works fine.

Other of the free VPN have time, bandwidth and data download restrictions, and most of them, if not all, will not allow you to use Bit torrent through the VPN, you will need a paid solution for this.

List of free VPN for anonymous internet surfing

No logs premium VPN 

If you need a reliable premium no logs VPN provider that will get around internet filters and provide you with secure and anonymous internet browsing, try VPN4All or Hide My Ass.

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How to delete your Facebook account

To those of you who shared your personal stories on Facebook and now regret it, deleting the account will solve future embarrassment, although if you do not trust Facebook then use fake data, that is the best thing you can do to protect your privacy.

There is an unofficial Facebook group called “How to permanently delete your Facebook account” with step-by-step instructions.

To delete your Facebook account just visit:

Click submit, then wait two weeks for your account to be deactivated. Logging in to Facebook before the two weeks are up will void the deletion request, make sure once you request deletion you do not log in again.

If you are having problems deleting your Facebook account using normal procedure, email them at “” and request that they erase your account. Facebook might keep some of your data on record after you erase the account but it won’t be made public.

Note: Make sure to remove your Facebook Connect logins if you are using them, otherwise  account deletion will be cancelled. Do not use Facebook to login anywhere.

Deleting social networking sites accounts

To learn how to delete your account from all of the major social networking sites and services across the web like MSN, LinkedIn, LiveJournal, MySpace, Google, Skype, etc.. visit one of the sites below: 

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How to make visible again disappeared Windows Recycle Bin

If your Recycle Bin has disappeared, or you want to erase it for good, there are various Windows hacking tricks you can use:

Restore your Recycle Bin using Windows Vista

Right click your desktop, click Personalize, on the left pane click  Change desktop icons. Check the Recycle Bin, and click OK.

Another way to restore your Recycle Bin in Windows Vista by accessing the change desktop icons:

–>control panel
–>appearance and personalization
–>change desktop icons

Select the icons you want on the desktop and you will be able to restore or delete Windows Recycle Bin, as well as other icons.

Windows Recycle Bin
Windows Recycle Bin

Why does Windows Recycle Bin disappear?

It has been known to happen when using a registry cleaner. It can also happen if you are if you use software to securely erase computer data overwriting it various times, like for example a secure eraser, if you use some tweaking utility you can also delete Windows Recycle Bin by mistake.