Back Up a Hard Drive with Redo Backup live CD

Redo Backup and Recovery is a free Linux live CD to clone your hard disk, a simple wizard will guide you through the hard disk back up and restore process, it makes for a good alternative to Parted Magic, a Linux live CD to partition the hard drive, Redo Backup includes a tool called GParted that can create partitions too.

This recovery live CD works in any operating system, even if you can not boot the OS as long as the hard drive works you will still be able to backup your data, it has a multilingual interface and finds your network drives automatically, it includes useful extra tools like an  undelete program called PhotoRec, able to recover previously deleted files, the Firefox Internet browser in case you need to search for help on the Internet and a link to web based Instant Messenger Meebo (compatible with Windows Live, Jabber, ICQ,etc).

Redo Backup and Recovery live CD
Redo Backup and Recovery live CD

  Redo Backup and Recovery main features

  • No installation needed with easy to use graphical interface
  • Automatically finds attached network drives (to backup and restore from)
  • No need to boot your operating system (useful if infected by a virus)
  • It can recover accidentally erased files (photographs, documents, etc)
  • Able to create and delete partitions with GParted
  • It can restore and backup an exact copy of your hard disk (cloning) or just spare files

You can backup the data locally to an external source or if you have a server or VPS you can backup your hard disk/files remotely using FTP, SCP (Secure copy), SSH or rsync (a fast incremental file transfer utility), there are some encryption capabilities with cryptsetup for those who are not afraid of using a command line Linux utility, Redo Backup is suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

To use this free recovery and backup tool just download the .iso file (200MB) and burn it to a blank CD-Rom making it bootable.

Visit Redo Backup and Recovery homepage

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