Bitser, the free alternative to WinZip

Bitser is a free compression utility similar to WinZip, WinRar and 7Zip, it can extract .zip, .zipx, .7z, .rar, .bzip2 and many others, it can only create .zip, .7zip and self-extracting .exe files, including a checksum verification tab where to scrutinise file integrity (MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256) making sure that the file has not been corrupted or tampered with. During installation you will be asked if you would like to add Bitser to Windows Explorer context menu (right click menu), this is optional but I would recommend it because most Internet downloads come in a compressed format and you are likely to use it.

Its huge tabbed interface is what makes Bitser different from the competition, this is a beginner friendly program ideal for seniors who have never used a computer, what Bitser lacks in features it makes up in simplicity of use, the five tabs it has, “Create“, “Manage“, “Reports“, “Passwords” and “Options” are accessible within a couple of clicks, the program can be used as a password manager too, creating a Notepad like .bpw storage file encrypted with AES128 that can not be compared with specialist password manager software like KeePass but it does the job and those who know nothing about computers will feel at home using it.

Free WinZip alternative Bitser
Free WinZip alternative Bitser

My personal experience teaching older people how to use computers is that as soon as they see it is too much trouble to learn something they give up as they do not even understand how important it is to use a different password for each site, Bitser helps to overcome people’s willingness to learn by allowing them to perform all they need without reading any manual.

Bitser underlying compression function is implemented using 7Zip open source software, a well established project, if you are an advanced user you will be better off with 7Zip but if you need something beginner friendly for someone who has no interest in computers Bitser can be the tool that will introduce them into file compression, backups and encryption, I would also be happy to use this tool for my own backups considering how easy it is to create them and the added encryption, there is a detailed help manual in case you need it, lacking screenshots but very well explained.

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