Cinta Notes a lightweight notes organizing software

This free notes organizing software it is as lightweight as Windows Notepad but supercharged with features. Cinta Notes allows you to add tags to the notes making them easier to find with its advanced filtering search, you can merge an reorder your notes, change the software theme colour and export your notes to a plain .txt file or in .xml format.

Notes are nearly organized in an easy to navigate list, it has numerous configurable shortcut keys that will save you lots of time when taking notes online. Cinta Notes will be of use as an alternative for those that see themselves using Notepad and Windows clipboard all the time, job hunting and blogging are two internet activities where this note organizing software will come in handy since they often require taking notes, a database backup is created automatically every hour for your own safety in case of a computer crash.


CintaNotes free Windows Notepad alternative
CintaNotes free Windows Notepad alternative

The program is well documented with a help file and online discussion forum on its homepage, there is also a portable version of Cinta Notes to be used inside a USB thumb drive, or just if you rather not to install it.

On the downside, Cinta Notes has no printing button and just like in Notepad, you can’t embed graphics within the notes, this is a text only management software for those who love the simplicity of Windows Notepad but need some extra features.

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