Clear Windows junk files with Freemium System Utilities

Free System Utilities is a complete software suite to clean up Windows temporary data and securely wipe single files, the one click maintenance window gives you quick access to eliminating obsolete registry keys, deleting Windows temporary files, fixing invalid shortcuts to non present programs, removing Windows start up entries, finding spyware and erase Internet browsing and computer activities tracks from anyone who can get access to your computer, the traces eraser supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browser.

The data shredding window does not tell you what method is used to wipe files, a file encryption program in the same tab can scramble files but again you are not given any information about what Freemium System Utilities is using to secure your data, there is a splitting program to reduce huge files but I did not find it particularly valuable since the  receiving end will need to have Freemium System Utilities installed to join the split file, it is much better using a widely known program like Winrar or WinZip to split and send files.

Freemium Free System Utilities
Freemium Free System Utilities

Computer knowledgeable people might want to look into the “Improve Performance” tab inside the Manage Processes option where you are shown what programs are running in your computer and what they do in real time, selecting one of the processes will give you all sorts of information like process ID and the module .dll the program has access to, this can be useful to troubleshoot malware infections, at the click of a button you can end or block a process. The cleaning scan is quickly performed in a few minutes, with speed depending on hardware specs, a progress bar shows you the estimated termination time, you will be asked if you would like to create a restore point before erasing the files. You can choose to keep specific browser cookies, like those not tracking your online behaviour and simply storing search or email settings, to do that go into Options inside “Erase Tracks” and use the Cookie Manager checkbox to untick the appropriate cookie.

The eraser gets rid of traces left in all Windows operating systems, like recently opened documents, start menu run programs, clipboard data, Microsoft Wordpad opened files, Windows Media Player list of played files, and Internet Explorer index.dat. Optionally you can choose not to erase some of thraces by going into Select Tracks>Options and unticking the appropriate box, you can schedule the software to automatically clean your computer temporary files without having to remember it yourself. This tool packs plenty of cleaning utilities to keep your computer running faster, the developer could improve the hard to spot tabs at the bottom of the main window taking you to other different cleaning options, it took me a while to realise that the tabs were clickable since they all have similar colouring to the background.

This is a very basic privacy tool since temporary files are not securely wiped but only erased, which means that they are recoverable with specialist unerase programs but still a good freeware to regain computer hard drive space and optimize Windows speed, Freemium System Utilities managed to find over 500MB of useless temporary files I had lying around.

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