Coccinella, an Instant Messenger with whiteboard

Coccinella is an Instant Messenger on stereoids, besides the expected chat program that allows you to connect to any Jabber/XMPP server, compatible with ICQ, MSN and Google Talk (without voice and video), this collaborative tool has the added benefit of a whiteboard where you can draw and share it with others or get your friends to sketch diagrams with you on the same whiteboard in real time.

This cross-platform open source instant messenger offers file transfers, multi user chat, a plug-in system, avatars and emoticons, themes, text to speech, proxy support, voice communication, a multilingual interface and secure connections with TLS and SASL. Because Coccinella uses the open XMMP protocol for instant messaging, you can set up your own server or use a public Jabber server for communications.

Coccinella whiteboard collaboration tool
Coccinella whiteboard collaboration tool

You can import files into Coccinella’s whiteboard, pictures can be shown as a slideshow, Word documents and MP3 files in between others, can also be imported, there are some graphics already included in the library, if you go to Library>Games>Chess you will be able to play chess in real time with the other user on the whiteboard or team up in a multiuser conference whiteboard session.

A portable edition of this online collaboration tool is available for those who need to use it on the move from a USB thumbdrive.

Visit Coccinella IM homepage

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