Convert your photos into art with Fotosketcher

If you want to convert your pictures into beautiful drawings or sketch you can’t go wrong with Fotsketcher, this amazing free photo editor allows you to create stunning images by applying filters that will make your photographs look like an oil canvas, a vintage photo, a drawing and many other artistic panting looking filters.

Fotosketcher offers free basic photo editing images features, like sharpening, change luminosity and colour saturation, image rotation, etc. I found this program to provide easy control over the images, with no complicated manuals to read, everything is pretty straight forward, you can convert your photograph into a pencil drawing with a couple of clicks just by intuition. Load your chosen photograph, apply the desired filter,  tweak the filter settings using sliding bars if you like, and you will be done.

This image editing software allows for photo framing and adding text as well, you do not have to convert the photos into a sketch, you can keep them like they are and simply frame them. The program is sized at a reasonable 6MB download, it’s interface is multilingual, allows for photo batch processing and it is 100% free for home or business use.

FotoSketcher free graphics editor
FotoSketcher free graphics editor

Playing with images can be lots of fun with Fotosketcher, throw the right photo through this program and you can create a professional image that would look great printed and framed or make for an admirable desktop computer wallpaper.

Fotosketcher review conclusion

One of Fotosketcher’s drawbacks is that it can only save images as a .jpg, .bmp and .png, not the best format for printing and mostly suitable for Internet usage of the photographs. I hope this photo editor can support more graphical formats in future releases because other than that I quite liked it.

This way to convert a digital photo into pencil sketch or painting canvas should satisfy most home user needs and it makes for a free, if somewhat limited, Photoshop alternative.

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