Create a digital photo mosaic with Mosaizer Pro

Mosaizer is a free application able to create digital photo mosaics, an image composed of  thousands of small ones, using the photographs of your choice. The software is very configurable, it has a multilingual interace and it comes with different skins.  Mosaizer has professional features but it is easy to use for beginners with the default options, its tabbed interface keeps it free of cluttered buttons, a wizard will guide you through the process of selecting a photograph, setting the pixel count and number of image tiles, the processed image can be previewed in the “Mosaic result” tab before deciding if saving it or changing settings and looks.

Projects can be saved for web publishing or printing, files can be exported as .bmp, .jpg, .png, .ico, .gif, .wmf and .emf.

Mosaizer digital photo mosaic freeware
Mosaizer digital photo mosaic freeware

You can download extra picture libraries from Mosaizer website, they have been optimized for photo mosaic creation, a wide range of photo themes is available, the program is extremely fast with accurate colour matching, the tools it has, colorizing, blending, brightness, contrast, saturation and others, allow you for far more creativity of what other photo mosaic applications offer.

Final images will look photo realistic but do not confuse this tool with a full fledged photo editor it is only a nice addition to have for those who want to create a special and unique art creation with minimum effort, maybe a collage of your wedding photos, or the kids day trip, they would make for a worthy personalised present.

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