Create a video contact sheet with thumbnails using BSPlayer

If you plan on distributing a video online, it is considerate to create a preview showing the video sequences for others to decide if it is worth the download. This is known as a video contact sheet, consisting of thumbnail still images of the video spread over the length of the film pieced together in a single image file. A free utility to do that is Video Thumbnail Maker but in my personal experience I was unable to use it with certain file formats like .avi and .mpg.

Video contact sheet of "Garfield Gets Real" (2007)
Video contact sheet of “Garfield Gets Real” (2007)

BSPlayer is much more than a simple video thumbnail maker, it is a stupendous free alternative to Windows Media Player, it has many features not found in the default Windows player, like automatic downloading of codecs and subtitles if needed, YouTube support, custom playback and easily producing video thumbnails. To create a video contact sheet using BSplayer all you have to do is to open the video, right click on the screen and select “Generate thumbnails“.

The contact sheet will include the movie title, its size in MB and bytes, resolution, and film duration.

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