Diary and journal software RedNotebook

This free open source diary and journal software will be of great help for those keeping a handwritten diary, RedNotebook allows tagging, spell checking and text formatting, images, Internet links and files can all be embedded into the diary main body.

RedNotebook is a kind of cross over in between a journal and a wiki as it contains wiki style mark up language, the feature that I liked most is the tag cloud where you see the most often used tags and clicking on them takes you to all of the relevant posts tagged with those words, the instant search feature highlighting the keywords you searched for is also pretty cool.

Hardcore diary writers can create their own templates, there is no need for a database and you can export your entries as a PDF, HTML, LaTeX (Linux) or plain text. RedNotebook comes as installable or portable version for Windows and Linux, you can easily use this software as an electronic notebook to help you keep your notes while studying or doing research.

RedNoteBook journal software
RedNoteBook journal software

Differences between a diary and a journal

These two terms can be confusing sometimes, a diary is where you write what has happened to you during the day or week, a journal is where you write your feelings and thoughts about life, most times diaries and journals overlap and contain both, facts and thoughts about life.

RedNotebook diary software main features

  • Inserting images and recognition of Internet links
  • Customizable diary entries template
  • Tagging and searching of diary entries
  • Exporting of diary entries to different formats
  • Automatic entries saving as you write
  • Backup of diary entries to compressed .zip archives
  • Full screen diary writing with spell checking and text formatting
  • Interface available in more than 20 languages

RedNotebook has an interactive calendar embedded in the application, you can add and modify entries using the precise date and time just like you would do with your personal handwritten diary.

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