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FreeMake Video Downloader is a free application to save YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and any other embedded video meant to be viewed in your browser, supported video sites include LiveLeak, Flickr, PhotoBucket, and a huge assortment of porn video sites. The video will be downloaded with full sound and add free, all you have to do is to copy the URL to the clipboard paste it into FreeMake Video Downloader and the video will be saved to the folder of your choice as .flv.

You will be given very detailed information about the download, like resolution, encoding rate, size, download speed and remaining time, the download should take about the same time that it takes to watch the video in your browser, you can instruct FreeMake Video Downloader to convert the .flv file into a more watchable .avi, .3gp, .mkv after download, you can also choose to only download the audio and not the video, a perfect way to extract music and generate a podcast out of a video recording.

FreeMake Video Download downloads DailyMotion video

FreeMake Video Download downloads DailyMotion video

The only necessary requirement for the software to work is that you play the video in your browser while the download takes place, FreeMake Video Downloader funnels the browser streaming into a video file, it doesn’t matter what is showing on the screen, you can browse the Internet as the video plays on a different tab or turn off the sound and the video will still be saved with sound. I have tried to do this in Opera and Firefox with no problems but if you download dozens of ┬ásmall videos there can be times when pasting a different URL will download a previous video, it is best to keep a little visual control on the video being streamed to make sure it has not stopped playing when FreeMake begins the download, if a problem occurs refresh the video page.

Private video sites requiring a registered username and password can be utilized entering the credentials in the options section, together with a proxy if needed, I have used FreeMake Video Download behind a VPN to download country restricted videos and it worked smoothly. I tried other video downloaders before (KeepVid, OrbitDownloader, YTD) and FreeMake Video Download is definitely the best one, it is simple to use and it includes a video converter, if the video site you want to download from is supported you are in business, the only few major sites that do not work are Hulu, ComedyCentral and MTV, a list of supported sites can be found in the help file.

The software is free but it will ask you during installation if you want to install additional sponsored programs, this is optional and pretty much the norm in every other free video downloader I have tried, that is how they finance their development.

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