eType free spell checker and dictionary software

This free tutor typing tool corrects your spelling mistakes as you write them, suggests analogous phrases and words using its predictive capabilities to figure out which word you want to type, helping you to choose from a list of narrowed-down words presented in a drop down menu and it translates text into your native language when instructed to do so.

eType auto completion feature helps you to type quicker, it is compatible with nearly all programs and websites, including Internet messengers, Word processors and social websites. You can change the preferences to specify after how many letters eType should suggest a word, use keyboard shortcuts and add more dictionaries.

If you are not native English speaker or are not very good at spelling, eType will solve that problem, nobody on the Internet you communicate with needs to know about it, you will be learning English and spelling with no effort while you go on about your daily activities on the Internet.

eType autocompletion spell checker software
eType autocompletion spell checker software

Some Internet browsers like Firefox and Opera already have spell checkers embedded into them, but eType works in all kind of applications, not just one and it has extra features like translation and autocomplete. This free dictionary tool main features consist of  completing your words while typing, translate your native language into another one and correcting spelling mistakes.

When you install eType for the first time you will need Internet connection to download the dictionaries, after that this free spell checking software and dictionary can be used offline.

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