Free CD/DVD burning software Hamster Studio

Unless you burn DVDs daily or use DVD burning software for business purposes you don’t need to pay for premium CD burning software like Nero, there is a free alternative called Hamster Free Burning Studio and it does everything you need.

Hamster Free Burning Studio CD burning software has an eye candy and easy to use interface, automatically identifies the type of disk inserted in the tray, either CD, DVD or BluRay, its capacity and maximum burning speed of the disk, it will then use this information to display the fill factor of the files on the disk and if it is a rewritable disk it will give you the possibility of erasing it.

Hamster Free Burning Studio CD burning software
Hamster Free Burning Studio CD burning software

This free CD burning software is only 315Kb in size, supports drag and drop and it is good enough for data burning, creating a backup copy, creating music CDs, creating ISO templates and cloning of DVDs, CDs or BluRay.

Hamster Free Studio simple interface allows you to choose your favourite colour scheme for the software, the language you want to use and the possibility of using a compact mode with less choices.

When you install Hamster Free Studio it will offer you to change your homepage and default search engine but this is made clear and you can refuse it, other than that this excellent CD burning software is completely free and it gives you a good run for your money which you can save not having to buy more advanced programs like Nero burning software with features you might never use and are more difficult to master.

Hamster Free Studio main features

  • Burns on CD/DVD/BluRay disks
  • Can erase rewritable disks
  • Verifies data integrity of written files
  • Can create ISO templates

Visit Hamster Free Studio burning homepage 

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