Free educational NASA game Moonphase Alpha

A free educational game funded by NASA, the first of a series of STEM (Science, Technology) games, Moonphase Alpha recreates the real lunar surface in 3D, players learn what it would be like to manage a permanent research base on the surface of the Moon using scientific tools and operating space vehicles around the Moon.

There is only one mission at the moment, it can be played in competitive mode or ¬†cooperation mode with other players online, the player takes the form of an astronaut in spacesuit asked to complete various repairs that require either a welding torch or a wrench, while keeping the oxygen supply running, there are only 20 minutes to complete the task, if it isn’t done on time everyone dies.

Moonphase Alpha uses the a well known game engine called Unreal Engine, the game might feel it moves slow at times, this is done on purpose as working on the surface of the Moon is what it feels like, if you move too fast you could be flying away due to the low  gravity, the graphics, soundtrack and sound effects are pretty good, the machine generated voice is a horrible hard to understand voice, open to improvement.

Moonphase Alpha NASA game
Moonphase Alpha NASA game

NASA has a second more ambitious game in the works, a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game called Astronaut: Moon, Mars and Beyond, its development will be greatly conditioned by the success and public reaction to Moonphase Alpha, the purpose of NASA’s games is to get young people interested in science and technology.

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