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With the new E-readers dawn here there has never been a better time to write your own electronic book, this requires a fair amount of organisation and yWriter, a free novelist writing software will be of great help. The software has been developed by a programmer who is also writer, that is the best guarantee you can have that yWriter will whip into shape your book writing coordination needs tackling the problems that a real writer has, user suggestions are also being taken into account all the time.

yWriter allows you to easily organise your novel scenes and chapters, instead of relying on a word processor to write your novel and having to scroll it up and down to make sure the plot makes sense and can be understood, yWriter has a scene rating that can be used to track the qualities embedded in your novel and viewed in the form of a chart for easy reference, you can keep an eye on your characters preserving meaningful plot lines with drafts, and locations organized.

yWriter novelist writing software

yWriter novelist writing software

This novel writing software will create automatic backups of your work as you’re writing, it also creates automatic .zip files of the entire project and classifies them by date,  you can go back to a previous version of your story and start it all over from there any time you like.

Once you have finished writing your novel yWriter can export it as .rtf (rich text format) or HTML, both formats widely supported by all modern word processors. The last step for your ebook is probably open up the exported .rtf novel and polish it adding bold, italics and headers using a full featured word processor like LibreOffice.

Novelist software yWriter main features

  • Work schedule from outlining to completion
  • Long or short synopsis based on chapter and scene descriptions
  • Storyboard allows visual layout of your scenes
  • Scene list and scene cards
  • Add a list of characters, locations, and items
  • Number of scenes and word count for each viewpoint character
  • Scene ratings can then be viewed as a chart
  • Scene ratings can measure tension, humour, and any other qualities
  • Automatic chapter numbering

This novel writing software can import manuscripts from other word processors, it is intuitive, non distracting and incredibly easy to use, yWriter might not posses the fancy graphical interface that a paid for novelist software has but it will get the job done the same way with the added benefit that it is free. Novelists who like simplicity should feel at home using yWriter.

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