Free offline website editor BlueGriffon

This What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) website builder is completely free of charge, open source and cross platform, it works in Windows, MAC OS X and Linux, available in numerous languages, being open source you are free to translate it to your own native language and submit it to the community if it is not available yet.

BlueGriffon provides an easy to use interface, beginners will love how easy it is to use it, no coding knowledge is needed to use it, the pages are rendered using the Gecko rendering engine, which is the same that  Mozilla based browsers, like Firefox, use, this guarantees that the website you build will be compatible 100% with Firefox and follows the W3C web standards.

This web editor includes all the options you would expect from a decent website builder, forms, tables, fonts, text formatting, standards compliant code, HTML5 support, multimedia embedding, SVG editor, etc.

BlueGriffon main features

  • Create and edit all HTML 4, XHTML 1 and HTML 5
  • Directly embed HTML 5 audio or video elements, support for HTML5 forms
  • Internal JSCSSP CSS parser makes all CSS styles you author browser compatible
  • Fonts from the Google Font Directory and the FontSquirrel repository
  • Properties panel allows 2D object editing

The biggest BlueGriffon drawback is that there is no documentation, if you have used before any website building software you will quickly get the handle of it with its intuitive interface.

Free web editor BlueGriffon
Free web editor BlueGriffon

There are addons available for this website editor, you can have an FTP/SFTP called FireFTP added to upload your files directly to your webhost, not all of the addons are free though, being BlueGriffon open source, anybody who knows how to code can build addons for it, expanding features looks highly promising.

If you want a simple but powerful web editor easy to use that will not cost you anything and makes for a good alternative to overpriced DreamWeaver, look no further, BlueGriffon makes for a perfectly suitable website builder for home users.

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