Free open source novel writing software StoryBook

StoryBook is a multilingual free open source tool that helps you create a novel, it will assist you structuring your novel with a chronological view showing scenes, as you write the book a time line will be created allowing the author to keep track of the plot and see when certain character first appeared , the main working pane contains various boxes, each one representing a chapter, they can all be dragged around and labelled.

This software works in Windows and Linux as long as you have Java installed, after starting the software you can view a demonstration highlighting what it can do for you and how, I would recommend you to view the tutorial (narrating a normal day in the live of the Simpsons), it is much quicker and fun than reading the help file. Scenes can be edited, a tabbed interface makes it easy to switch in between windows where to add notes for a particular scene, a task list is also available to remember the author about important work and a spell checker will minimizer linguistic errors, if you do not like the skin you can change it in options (System, Tiny LaF and Tonic LaF), and all of the windows inside the working panel can be adjusted. This novel writing software is not a full featured text editor its main function is to help you keep track of the story line (characters, locations, timeline, etc) and it will be better used in conjunction with a word processor.

Storybook main features

  • Chronological view showing scenes by date
  • Adding, editing or erasing of characters and locations
  • Classification of ideas in ‘started’, ‘abandoned’, ‘not started’, ‘completed’
  • Instant autosaving as you type, with all chapters are saved in a single file
StoryBook novel writing software
StoryBook novel writing software

When you need to complete the book using different software StoryBook files can be exported in formats like .doc, .txt, .rtf, .csv, .odt, and .pdf, the pdf file will be useful to publish your novel online once ready for distribution.

Visit StoryBook homepage

Update 2014: This software is no longer available, I am deleting the link.

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