Free portable note editor Keynote NF

KeyNote NF (New Features) is a free open source note editor with tabs and a rich editing, a good Notepad replacement. It doesn’t need installation and it can encrypt notes using Blowfish or the Idea algorithm, both methods are believed to be uncrackable. Portability and encryption make Keynote NF suitable for travellers and those carrying data on a USB thumbdrive at work.

Keynote NF has more capabilities than Microsoft Wordpad, you can format your text using colours, bold or italics, as well as changing the font. Advanced components not found in Wordpad, besides encryption, include macros, optional plugins and an easy to configure alarm clock that will set off a pop up window with the subject of your choice on the specified date.

Portable Notepad KeyNote NF
Portable Notepad KeyNote NF

Anyone who has used a text editor before will be familiar with Keynote NF interface. Surprises are only found when you access its menu and see a wide range of options not normally found in more simple notepads, like for example  like “Tree” and “Merging Notes” . Notes are organized by nodes in tree branches, this makes it easy to access them.

The main caveat I found is that the program will save notes using its own .knt format, this means that you will have to use Keynote NF all the time to work with them, other free text editors like Wordpard or Libre Office do not support that format. Another problem is that there is no installer, Keynote NF only works as portable placing everything inside a folder and clicking on keynote.exe to launch it.

No need to worry about computer resources, everything felt very light and quick to respond, I did not notice any particular increase in RAM memory or CPU spike while I worked with the notes. If you are after a Notepad on steroids or someone who needs a portable note taker, this is it,

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