Free Windows junk cleaner and optimizer JetClean

JetClean is a Windows junk cleaner suite to optimize your PC and protect your privacy, its tabbed interface and one click approach make it easy and painless to clean up your computer redundant files. Once you have JetClean set up, it can be instructed to automatically remove temporary files every time you log on, at an specific time or when the computer is idle, any changes made to the computer are logged in case you want to review them later on.

This optimization tool will take care of the operating system temporary files and Internet browser improving your computer performance and reducing online tracking by regularly getting rid of browser cookies. Files listed as deleted include memory dumps, old prefetch data, thumbnail cache, Windows log files, non-existent shortcuts, clipboard and files created by applications such as Java, Foxit Reader, Flash player, Shockwave and Adobe Air.

Windows junk cleaner JeatClean
Windows junk cleaner JeatClean

What I liked most of this software is that you can select browser cookies from safe websites, like webmail or search engines containing your preferences, and place them on a never erased list. The one click approach makes this junk cleaner one of the fastest in the market, it got rid of all my junk files in just two clicks, one to scan the computer and the other, after reviewing the listed problems found by scan, to erase the files.

You can create a portable USB version of JetClean after installing it, I failed to see too much use to that though, the paid for version of JetClean adds registry defragmentation and Internet booster, unless you play online games probably not needed, overall, this is a simple, light on resources junk cleaner good enough for those who want an easy life and have no serious privacy needs (files are not securely wiped only erased), I would feel relaxed recommending this software to someone who knows nothing about computers.

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