Free Windows registry cleaner Registry Life

The Windows registry is a database that stores hardware and software settings for the Windows operating system to operate, over the time the registry will grow in size containing old and invalid information,  a registry cleaner optimizes this database getting rid of invalid entries left by uninstalled programs. Advanced registry cleaners can also defrag it compacting the entries, this makes the system more organized and speeds up accessibility.

Registry Life is a free Windows registry cleaner capable of fixing errors, defragmenting the registry and compacting it, it will remove invalid entries, check file associations, dynamic link libraries and registered applications key entries.

Free Windows Registry cleaner Registry Life
Free Windows Registry cleaner Registry Life

Registry Life guides you through the process of cleaning with a two step wizard, it will automatically create a backup of deleted keys for later restoration in case something goes wrong, the frequency of use depends on how often the computer is operated, I am the average user and I run a registry cleaner once a month.

Registry Life main features

  • Searching and fixing for more than 10 different registry errors
  • Compacting the Windows registry loading it faster into memory
  • Registry defragmentation increasing operating system registry access

Read everything carefully during installation as it will ask you if you want to install trial versions of different tools made by the same developer, it managed to install one unwanted program in my computer because I did not uncheck the box, it is not spyware and can be easily be removed.

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