Graphics editor with filters PhotoFiltre Studio X

PhotoFiltre Studio X is a powerful graphics editor with dozens of special effects, it’s cluttered interface make it quick and easy to use without the need to dig deep into the menu to find tweaking components. Standard features like layer management, cloning, brush, smudge, spray tool, eraser and magic wand are all included, the program can also be used for basic drawing.

The variety of filters included make it quick and easy to turn any photograph into a work of art with a single click, the artistic filters include Pointillizing, Watercolour, Rough pastels, coloured pencil, charcoal, crystallize and many others. Another one click feature lets you add a frame, add an aged effect, blur or deform the image with a submenu of twirling, ripple, glass, lake reflection, etc. You can add external plugins to use more filters and capabilities.

Graphics editor PhotoFiltre Studio
Graphics editor PhotoFiltre Studio

Images can be saved as .jpeg, .gif, .png, .tiff and PhotoFiltre’s own file extension .pfi, but not PhotoShop .psd, however you can open .psd files and most of the digital cameras proprietary formats like Fuji raw, .raw, Minolta raw, .nef, Sony raw, .x3f and a couple of dozen different extensions, image processing doesn’t need too many computer resources, this software will not slow down your computer, it is very lean.

PhotoFiltre Studio can be used to batch process images, applying filters or resizing dozens of images at once, this complete photo editor might not as powerful ad PhotoShop but it has all the painting tools the average home user needs at a very reasonable price, I have used PhotoShop and it is far too complicated for total newbies, if you don’t know much about graphic editors I would give PhotoFilter Studio a try first.

Note: This program is only free for 30 days, after which you are meant to buy or uninstall it but it will still work if you don’t.

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