Hide a folder in Windows with WinMend Folder Hide

WinMend Folder Hide is an easy and simple way to hide folders in Windows, unfortunately it does not work with single files, these will have to be kept inside a folder to be hidden. After installing and launching the program you will be asked to enter a password to protect it from unauthorised use, every time you launch WinMend Folder Hide you will be asked for this password, it is necessary to make sure that nobody else can use the program to unhide the folders which is done using the interface with no other protection than a checkbox.

There is a nice tabbed multilingual interface, colours can be changed with a single click, there is no manual to read, it can not get any easier than this. The software is suitable to protect your data if you are sharing a computer and want to stop children from seeing or messing with what you store in your folders, this is not a high security tool, a knowledgeable IT person should be able to uncover your data in under a minute with something as simple as a Linux live CD.

WinMend Folder Hidden
WinMend Folder Hidden

If you would like to hide a Windows folder manually instead you can go to properties (right-click), Attributes section, check the hidden box and click on apply. To view the folder you would then have to tweak your Windows operating system by going to Windows>Start, typing: “Folder options” ┬áselecting it and applying “Show hidden files and folders“, a program like WinMend Folder Hide makes your life easier.

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