How to reduce video file size to post online

It happens very often that you film a video with your camera or after downloading it from the web then find out that its size is huge making its storage and sharing difficult.

Windows Vista and above comes with a freeware called Windows Movie Maker, you can use it not only to edit your videos, add captions, narrating voices and special effects but also to reduce its size. This comes in very handy if you want to upload your a huge video to YouTube, DailyMotion or any other video streaming website with a limit on video size.

Windows Movie Maker publish movie
Windows Movie Maker

How to reduce your video file size using Windows Movie Maker

Open Windows Movie Maker:

  1. Windows Start>All Programs>Windows Movie Maker.
  2. Drag and drop the original video into Windows Movie Maker or alternatively choose File>Import Media Items.
  3. Drag video to your huge video down below to the story board where it says “Drag media here”.
  4. Click on “Publish Movie” located on the toolbar above your video next to a digital disc icon.
  5. Click next and choose the folder where you want to save your web optimized film.
  6. In the next window leave the default settings checked, where it says “Best quality for playback on my computer”.
  7. Click on “Publish” and wait for Windows to reduce the size of your video.

A 500MB mpeg film took me 8 minutes to convert to a 50MB .wmv file using an Intel dual core processor E5400, it is really that easy and free to reduce the size of your videos to upload to the web.

NOTE: Windows Media Maker is only found in Windows Vista, Windows 7 and above, if you are using Windows XP or below you are out of luck using this trick.

Free video converter and video file reducer

If your version of Windows does not include Windows Movie Maker you can download the free Hamster video converter and use the settings to tweak the video quality and video format reducing its size and easily upload it to YouTube.

Hamster free video converter
Hamster free video converter

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Thank you Alan for your correction, I wasn’t aware of this, the last time I used XP it didn’t have Windows Movie Maker, but that was quite a few years ago.


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