How to save copy protected images from Flickr

You may have seen the picture of your life at Flickr and been unable to copy it with the Save as right click, there is an easy work around for this. It can also be used at any other site that does not allow users to save pictures and disables the right click function for image saving.

As long as saving a Flickr copyright protected photograph is for your own personal viewing pleasure, i.e. saving it to your hard disk with no distribution, you are not breaking the law because this is no different from seeing the picture on your internet browser.

Copy protected photos
Copy protected photos

Anything you can see on the screen it is next to impossible to protect from downloading and saving, the easiest way to save protected images from Flickr to your hard disk is by using a screenshot program, take a screen capture of what you see on the browser and that is it you are done! If the capture loses some quality retouch it with an image editing program.

The freeware screen capture program I use to save and copy protected Flickr pictures to my hard disk is ScreenHunter.

Visit ScreenHunter homepage

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