Kidzui, the secure Internet browser for kids

There are many complicated solutions for parents to control their kids access to the Internet, most of them are half baked solutions that rely on filtering the bad sites on time, Kidzui has decided to take take a different approach, instead of blacklisting websites that continuously change URL, they whitelist websites suitable for kids.

This Internet browser for kids can only access websites, photos and videos manually validated by a human being and not some kind of smart software. There are at least 800.00 websites, photos and videos accessible to kids in Kidzui, this number keeps increasing. KidZui also has social interaction between kids allowing them to rate and share content with each other, parents need to give permission before the child can create an online identity.

Kidzui’s user interface is very colourful, fun and easy to use, children are able to surf the Internet by categories instead of using an Internet searcher.The kid’s Internet usage is tracked by the browser and it sends a weekly report to the parents on what their kids have been looking at online.

Kidzui Internet browser for kids
Kidzui Internet browser for kids

This kids Internet browser has been designed for children between the ages of 3 and 12 years old, it’s main focus is kid’s online safety. There is a paid for version of the browser with extra better reporting features for parents, Kidzui’s main revenue comes from paid memberships and advertising deals.

How secure is Kidzui Internet browser?

No automated Internet filtering is perfect, Kidzui on the contrary uses human filtering, instead of attempting to block sites not suitable for children, it blocks everything by default except websites that have been reviewed and found to be safe for kids, this seems like a bullet proof system to protect kids coming across unsuitable material online.

My main concern with Kidzui is the parents reporting features, it seems unethical to spy on your kids that way, it is one thing to limit the websites they can access and something different to have a report emailed to the parents with every single website the child has visited.

The social capabilities of this browser is what it makes it stand out from the crowd, kids can contact with other kids if they have their nicknames which can only be given offline as there is no online directory with the kids online nicks.

This child friendly internet browser serves suitable ads integrated into the browser, it would be ideal if there wasn’t any advertising but since all websites serve advertisements your kids are already exposed to consumerism anyway. As long as the adverts are not highly intrusive I guess it is something one can put up with.

Tip: To make sure your kids don’t use any other browsers installed in your computer, like Internet Explorer, you can use IE parental settings to lock the kids out.

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