Lingoes, free multilingual dictionary and translation software

This offline multilingual translation software makes for a good alternative to Babylon dictionary and  web based online translation tools, Lingoes can translate into 23 languages and it supports over 80 dictionary languages, it comes with other extras like a periodic table and abbreviation chart,  you can expand it downloading well known English dictionaries like Merrian’s Webster, Longman dictionary, MacMillan, etc.

The software is very easy to use, pointing the cursor to a word and pressing a hotkey combination will tell you what it means, you can use Lingoes as a text to speech software downloading one of the speech engines available at Lingoes website, or download a plugin for Adobe Acrobat Pro to use in PDF documents.

Lingoes offline dictionary and translation tool
Lingoes offline dictionary and translation tool

The best part of this dictionary and translation tool is that it supports most used languages (Chinese, Norwegian, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish, etc) and everything, including addons, is free, but it isn’t as polished as paid for solutions, I didn’t find its interface too friendly. Lingoes will help you out for non professional translations and to learn English while surfing the web or writing documents.

Visit Lingoes dictionary homepage

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