Portable task organizer GeeTeeDee

GeeTeeDee is an easy to use task manager where you can create groups to classify your notes/tasks, dragging and dropping notes or typing them directly, the task manager view can be compacted, with just a single click hiding an extended window, this tool doesn’t require administrator rights to run and it needs a humble 12MB of hard disk space, it is available for Windows and Linux with a Mac version coming soon.

GeeTeeDee portable task manager
GeeTeeDee portable task manager

GeeTeeDee has a very clean interface making it easy for you to see and organize your notes, after deleting a note GeeTeeDee sends it to a trash bin from where it be recovered unless you empty it, groups of tasks can be exported as .txt file, the logos are very eye candy, this a task manager with lots of simplicity which is what it makes it to stand out of the crowd, but if you are a really busy person you will want to look at something else as there is no sync, no mobile version and no alarm sound warning you of upcoming appointments.

GeeTeeDee main selling point is that it is portable, free and effortless, an ideal reminder software for the home user or someone who travels and needs to take it on a thumb drive.

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