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As you use your operating system files will get scattered all over the hard disk in no time, this process is known as defragmentation and it slows down the operating system as it has to gather together the files you want to access.

iObit SmartDefrag is a powerful configurable alternative to Windows built-in defragmenter, it will analyze your hard disk level of defragmentation before the scan, showing a coloured block map of your hard drive with the files location. SmartDefrag will work in the background placing the most used files into the fastest area of the drive, this is known as streamlining the file system.

iObit SmartDefrag Windows defrag alternative
iObit SmartDefrag Windows defrag alternative

An easy to use skinnable tabbed interface with transparency lets you switch in between the different options, there are four tabs, one shows you the drive file map, another shows automatic defragmentation resource usage, another shows Boot Time Defrag options, like defragmentation of the hibernation and page file, another tab shows a detailed report of  the number of fragmented files and where they can be found.

An always on option guarantees you that SmartDefrag will work silently in the background, the default options (can be changed) activate disk defragmentation when the computer has been idle for 5 minutes and pauses it if the computer is using over 60% of its resources, this stops SmartDefrag from affecting disk performance while you are using it , alternatively defragmentation can be scheduled or run on demand and if you want to stop certain file from being defragmented, it can be manually excluded or use a checkbox in SmartDefrag to stop it from moving files bigger than a certain fixed size.

While there are many free defrag utilities, iObit SmartDefrag has been specially designed for modern large hard drives giving you maximum speed, and it is one of the few that can be instructed to defrag at boot time, allowing for the defragmentation of Windows system files that can not be moved while the operating system is in use.

Note: There is no need to defragment solid state disks or memory sticks.

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