Securely erase Windows files and folders with DeleteOnClick

When you erase a file in Windows it can still be recovered using special software, DeleteOnClick is a free utility to securely wipe your files or folders when you erase them, it is integrated in Windows context menu and it can erase any kind of file you want with a simple right click, you only need to make sure that the file is not in use by another application. You will be asked to confirm that you want to securely erase the file so that no mistakes are made since Windows Recycle Bin is not used, after you click on “Yes” everything will be gone.

The sofware wipes data using the United States Department of Defense method 5220.22-M s, a very secure algorithm also used by some US administration departments to get rid of confidential information.

Free file wiper DeleteOnClick
Free file wiper DeleteOnClick

The program intends to be a simple easy to use eraser that will not be noticed by the user and does not require to open it up every time a file has to be securely erased. The paid for version of this program has a higher security level by allowing you to securely wipe Windows Recycle Bin overwriting all data inside, erasing file datestamps and attributes, wiping free space on the disk and renaming files before erasing them so that not even files name can be read.

If you decide to uninstall the program you will be asked to reboot the computer, the download freeware version of DeleteOnClick is a little hidden on the site, check out the tiny links, it is obvious that the developers are giving away this program for free with the hope that some people will upgrade to the paid for version, if you security needs are not very high this program is enough, what DeleteOnClick will not do for you is to get rid of personal data stored in Windows temporary files and the Internet browsing cache, you will need a full security suite for that.

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